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Meshing and Animation tools

For Windows 10, Ultimate Collection /32bit version

     Blender ~ SimPe ~ Nvidia tools 

Uv Wrapper Classic ~ Milkshape 



  1. first download latest version of Simpe.  (manual install only) extract the files and move the folder to: This PC > C: > Program Files (86x) 

  2. Go to this site and follow the instructions other than installing simpe, and repair SimPe. Dont forget the DDS tools.

  3. If you did #2 right you will notice you have all the objects and not just a few in object workshop.

  4. thats not all, after you do all that.  you still need the graphics rule for your video card to work properly.

  5. You will need to adjust Simpe program settings by going to Simpe's application file in C:>Program Files(86x)>Simpe find it, and right click.  If you don't have a short cut to your desktop create one now and select properties, compatibility tab, set in compatibility mode for Windows 8.  



  1. Install Blender 2.76b.  Launch it, close, then launch again if not previously installed.

  2. Download the Source Tools. Don’t unzip.

  3. In Blender:

    1. Select File > User Preferences

    2. Move to the Addons tab

    3. Click Install From File... in the bottom of the window

    4. Find the downloaded zip file and select it (Double click)

    5. Under 'Categories' on the left, click 'Import-Export'

    6. Find 'Blender Source Tools' in the list and check the box to the right. Wait a moment for activation to complete.

    7. Also check Milkshape import-export ms3d

    8. Click Save User Settings and close the window.

Update::  Blender 2.49b is no longer needed, all animations can be done entirely through 2.76b

I myself am using blender 2.76b (32) in case you are unsure which to use

You can have more than one blender program at a time, just give it a different name, I add the version numberof the program I am using to the end of the name.

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